Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wrapping up the Summer

After long await our home in Grantsville is finally complete. We were able to move in the first weekend in August. We love the neighborhood, neighbors, and the area.
To wrap up the weekend we went on a backpacking trip up to Lake Blanch. It was the first trip we have taken as a family. The kids did great.
We have had a great summer. It's sad that it came to an end so soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

And the Walls came up.

We have progress. This weekend they spent some time on our house and made some great progress. We just hope that it continues.
It's neat to see the house taking shape.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life as we know it.

Hopefully some day things will calm down and we post our happenings more regularly. Until then we will just play catch up every once in a while.
We spent months looking for a home to purchase. We tried to build in Tooele, but that didn't pan out either. Finally we were led to where we were supposed to be and things are looking up. In the meantime though we have moved from living in Tooele with Tom & Gwen to Midvale with my parents. They are going on a super vacation and we are going to house sit for them. We had planned on our house being done by the time they got back, but weather has pushed things back a bit and we will be here for about six weeks before the home will be complete.
Here are a couple pics though of the build process & the lot. We are super excited to have the home complete and to be in a place of our own.

There are also a couple of pictures of our trip to Cherry Creek. We went camping out there last month and had a blast. Ashby's & Jackson's came out and went riding with us. We sure enjoy getting out of town and camping.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Catching up.

The last few months have been a roller coaster. We are just holding on for the ride taking one day at a time. We have enjoyed being closer to family and being able to attend activities.
School has been a big adjustment for Natalie. She has learned a lot though and hopefully she will be wrapping things up in the next year or so.
Sara has adjusted well to her new school. The boys enjoy their daycare
and Friday's with Dad.I am loving my job & the Friday's that I get to spend with the family.
The housing situation is another story. The short and sweet of it is hopefully our home in Idaho will be sold someday. It has been a nightmare from the beginning.
We haven't been able to locate a home to buy so construction will start as soon as the house in Idaho is sold. Enough about that though.
We had a great trip to the children's museum in Salt Lake. The boys loved the helicopter the best and could have spent the whole day hanging out in the cockpit.
A couple weekends ago we took the trailer & four wheelers out to Terra to camp for the weekend. It was nice to get away for a while. The weather was great and we had a good time riding around. Hopefully the weather will clear up soon and we will be able to enjoy more camping soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The joys of moving

I really don't know what to write as far as posts lately. So much seems to be happening lately, but it's hard to tell the actual effects of the events that are transpiring.
I got a new job in Salt Lake, we moved to Tooele, and now we are living with Tom & Gwen until our home sells in Idaho. That's the short of it. Many small things have transpired to get us here, but here we are.
We had the family come up and help us haul all our stuff down to Tooele. We loaded up four trailers and trucks and moved everything down. We filled a storage unit, part of the milk barn, and Tom's basement. It is amazing how much junk a person can aquire in a few short years. I really need to get rid of more things.
It has been a big adjustment living back in civilization. We have enjoyed being closer to family. It has been a blast to spend time with Tom & Gwen. We haven't spent a lot of time with them one on one and it is fun to get to know them better.
Natalie has been getting everything lined up to go to the University of Utah. She really misses her friends at ISU and the great program that they had there. The program at the "U" is quite different and she is a bit nervous.
The boys are excited that they will get to hank out with Tammy, William, and Jackson during the day. We are excited that they will be in a better enviornment.
Life has turned upside down for us, but we know that this is where the Lord wants us and we pray that we will be able to find a play of our own to settle soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lifes changes

Looks like the wheels of change are starting to turn once again. Our house is up on the market. Here's the post so Mom can see the pics.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is blogging really worth it.

I don't know about this blogging. I just don't seem to be able to keep on top of it. One of these days hopefully life will slow down a bit.

We have been working a bunch on getting the house back together. The carpet got installed and everything is painted. We just need to get some base boards in and we should be back up and running.

Cody had a puppy and he is way cute. We finally decided to name him Pooka. We hesitated to name him because we are not sure that he is going to stay a part of our family. We have enough animals running around at the moment. He is quite playful and enjoys being held.

Nessa went and had her first professional haircut. I had enough with trying to cut her hair on our own. There was only one place in the area that cuts hair and it's in the middle of nowhere. They did a great job though.

Conference weekend came around and we had a huge list of things that needed to be done around the house. That was a perfect reason to get away so we could actually listen to conference. Natalie had a big concert at ISU Friday night so a classmate of hers watched the kids while I went to the concert. When the concert got over we drove from Pocatello up to Idaho Falls and spent the night at the rest area. It's nice to have the beds made and just jump in and sleep for a while. We made a mad dash to the store to grab some stuff and took this picture of us parked next to a Walmart truck. I think we might be just a hair longer than him.

We had a lot of fun playing in the sand and listening to Conference. It was nice to get away all the things that needed done at home. Unfortunatly they didn't get caught up while we were gone. The kids had fun playing on the dunes and dad got to do a little riding. Mom even had a little bit of fun.....oh wait who are we kidding we were in sand.
Life keeps us busy. Natalie is swamped with school. She really overdid it this semester. She made it to midterms so we're halfway there. The kids are enjoying school, but don't like that it gets dark early and they don't get to spend time out in the yard after school. Before you know it spring will be here again. Bring on the snow.